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Here's the view from my place--two months ago, one month ago and now--here I am living in a retirement community in a Milwaukee suburb. So I am admitting, finally, I've retired--fully not "semi," like I'd been saying for a while. Really, I retired gradually from most freelancing as the needs of the seniors I've been helping increased, gradually and steadily. But writing about these self-educational experiences must wait because of agreements I made.

In the meanwhile:

The shamanic circle church has shifted into a "faithful remnant" phase, and the known members have spread far and wide along the webs of life, connecting their shamanizing over the Internet. My closest shamanic companions circle around shifting for the better what we value in space, time, matter and energy--not aiming to transcend, not reaching beyond the physical, the material.

Since beginning that mission to study and practice shamanic ways--meaning (as broadly as possible) any methods, techniques and systems that any shamans anywhere use and/or have ever used to shift reality for the better--I have come to doubt the effectiveness of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and the helpfulness of traditional and new religions alike, organized or not (including "spiritual paths" and other alternative wordings this type of thing). But I've grown more and more fascinated and impressed by the beneficial world transforming possibilities of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Lately I've been saying "I'm a STEM optimist!" Also, I find art-play irresistable and health-restoring.

My understanding lately: Shamanic ways work naturally by enhancing and expanding the placebo effect intentionally through active imagining and intense pretending, fun acts of art-play that shift the inner self first, allowing changes to ripple outward through all directions and dimensions of space, time, matter and energy--(conscious or subconscious) re-creative (micro- to macro-) choice by choice--all spiral-interconnecting (in immediately obvious to long-hidden ways) into physical, material beneficial butterfly effects anywhere (everywhere). That interpretation is centered around and based on just my hope (forward-peering grace), faith (past-scanning grace) and ongoing experience (the greatest grace of all). Art and science interconnect and interact and some of the best results only appear supernatural.

I've written this for me--I'm still sorting notions out.


While I'm commuting between here and Madison, Wisconsin, words, sentences, even paragraphs brain-wave along for the ride. Why not dictate more frequent blog updates as I drive--about real, interesting topics, instead of why don't I blog more? Or, I could add increments to my "longterm project" book drafts.

Updated late June: Oops--I didn't post this before flying to California's Central Valley and back, helping those folks on their annual summer-early fall visit.

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