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Ecstatic Squidoo died -- I'm maybe, hopefully, enthused anew

So delighted was I, one late summer day, to delete, with one quick button-push, my Squidoo account and its remaining 51 lenses, I forgot to do a final screen capture of my profile that displayed--absurdly-- even more auto-awarded badges (though long, long ago I had stopped contributing). I felt energized, enthused even. Maybe now I'll begin my freelance writing anew...for real, I must have meant.

I've freelanced anonymously and pseudonymously, just enough to ascertain it's a doable means of covering my lower-than-average monthly expernses. In the meanwhile, under my real name or associated usernames, I've kept social media accounts open, but mostly only with posted links that serve as an ongoing shamanic-shifting list--for inspiration, encouagement, teaching, shamanizing and wondering--and I've let blogs lapse into sleep or coma. Ebooks remain beginning-stage drafts.

Because, so far, I've given into fear of torture or death by haterade--of trolls (garden variety and "concern" trolls alike), liability exposure, grammar police and more--and reacted with avoidance, reluctant to begin and stick with any projects, though I've found this hero writer publishes the antidote and cure.

So after Squidoo died, I renewed my researching new blogging platforms, new social network alternatives and new hosting services, even while here I'm still archiving Tweets and keeping track of my widespread profiles between (very) occasional personal diary-type entries (like this).

Nowadays I'm giving tsu a whirl--and that url could be your invitation to join (if you'd like to check it out) this new social network that built payments for posters into its platform.

To be continued...

11/1: So far, I haven't hussled on Tsu, but it's been fun and this network remains on my list of possible replacements for, not just Squidoo, for earning a few to several bucks a month, but for Twitter and Facebook, also. Because of the manipulations happening and expanding on those networks (which site owners have every right to do, I affirm), I don't feel comfortable visiting or interacting personally at either anymore, and hardly participate beyond posting links of interest daily (without comment), just to keep the accounts active (in case I find myself in or near big breaking news, or to answer the few friends and associates who interact with me through those networks).

Tsu provides no links for editing posts or comments, however., where I pay to belong, is another possible Twitter/FB replacement, of course. Google Plus seems better, but isn't it always in flux, with an uncertain future? Also, I wish I could post as my page and myself without switching on Google (and on Facebook, too), or combine person and page, or convert one to the other, to simplify. Lately, I've found Pinterest, where I converted recently from personal to business, much funner than any of these, but what I would share from the Net all too often isn't attractively illustrated (a drawback I could work around by creating a board where I link pictures I snapped to links that don't come with decent images).

And why do I keep ignoring Linkedin, another place I could blog and micro-blog?

Here are more tentative starts: I signed up for Kinja and haven't blogged--yet. And I signed up for Quora and haven't blogged -- yet. Quora is where I discovered my newest favorite author, who consitently offers simple, ingenious help for what ails (me).

To be continued again...

11/2: Yes, I have realized, if I'm about to renew writing under my identity in earnest, I must open a generalist website and/or niche blog and finish at least one ebook! Still to do, to eliminate the distraction of a task left hanging: Finish weeding and pruning my old, abandoned websites, blogs and profiles.

Still, my longing continues, to settle in one "home-base" social network, for mini- and micro-blogging, for recreative fun.

To be continued again...

11/11: Could Tsu serve as a home-blog? It is improving steadily, but...
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