ECP a.k.a. ShamanicShift (ecp_writes) wrote,
ECP a.k.a. ShamanicShift

Shamanic action to transform spilled oil

Shamanic journeying and dreaming intention: This is Point Reyes National Seashore - South Beach - October 2007. Located on the edge of northern California. Point Reyes Peninsula is a geological, temporal-spatial island, for it is separated from the mainland invisibly by the San Andreas Fault line.

This windblown land has been a favorite power-place and shamanic journey departure site for many years. There is a family of dragons living there, in imaginary reality, related to the ancestral dragons on both sides of my family.

An oil tanker spill happened only 50 miles down the coast in San Francisco in November of 2007. I am shamanic journeying and dreaming to help clean up the mess and find the buried blessings in the situation.

I hope this video embeds OK. It is the first video I ever made, by mistake, before I knew my digital camera took videos.

Tags: oil spill, point reyes seashore

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