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ECP a.k.a. ShamanicShift

What next...?

When I posted last, months ago, I recall, I was hoping to resume writing and updating social media presences with renewed purpose. No, wait...Maybe I was resigning myself to indefinite up, positively., my latest excuse:

I'm a lousy writer. Yes, I've realized this again (more fully and deeply). And it isn't exclusively because I'm addicted to adjectives! I do FAIL adjectively...and in so many other ways.

Comma-crazed, I confuse and confound. (Parenthetically, I annoy.)

Who cares? No one whose opinion I care about (even secretly)...definitely not my cat's.

So, when will I quit fretting futilely about never splitting infinitives? Or develop the useful knack of including simple phrases--yes, incomplete sentences--to write conversationally? (Periodically.)

My freelancing situation only seems rediculously hopeless, I reassure myself...

Uh oh...Excessive ( adverb) ellipsisizing is another grievous vice I overindulge in, I confess (and/or personal idiomizing...whenever) while putting prepositions at the ends of sentenses...unapologetically (I hasten to add, superfluously).

Even worse: All too often (if not always), I express--not obliviously, but still (insistently...?)--the simply obvious about the merely mundane.


What about the many gigs I've completed successfully, despite all this (and more)? Got paid--often enough. Complemented too, occasionally. Okay...Besides, there's more to freelancing than writing. Gardening, painting, organizing, erranding...many, many possibilities in odd-jobbing remain.

This autumny transition will transform for the better, I imagine, but I expect darker barrenness before brightest blossoming!

BTW, I keep reading and like this guy,..still a favorite answerer, inspirer and encourager...But this guy might be a better choice.

So then I traveled away again on stressful business and forgot to finish and post this....So there you have it, cat. What next?
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