ECP a.k.a. ShamanicShift (ecp_writes) wrote,
ECP a.k.a. ShamanicShift

Freelancing, my new purpose for this journal

Use this contact form to open a conversation about freelance writing.

My writings about shamanic experience, Shamanic Shift Center and related topics are on my blogspot and ShamanicShift's FB page.

Use this other contact form for messages about hypnosis consultations, ministerial services or my ever-shifting interpretation of contemporary shamanic ways.

I have removed all entries I posted as LJ user "Shamantic!" (before December 22, 2009) because I am changing this journal's purpose.

From now on this blog will be about my freelancing for a living. I may blog information and links for topics I am pondering, researching or keeping for future reference here and log memorable moments of my and the Tortoise Cat's travels.

I am still looking for a look and layout I like.
Tags: announcements, freelance odd jobbing, freelance writing, freelancing, journal purpose, odd jobbing

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