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HubPages versus Squidoo, an experiment begins

Squidoo:  I have been using Squidoo as a file system for online references and resources more than a publishing service. I made Giant Squid status in September, 2009, with 75 lenses.

From all of these lenses I have earned only a couple to several dollars per month because I have picked so many low-traffic topics.

The Squidoo community has been friendly and helpful to me.

I know how to tweak lenses with CSS and html (and there are plenty of lenses that show how-to), but I have refrained, so far, to save the extra time it would take. I am not convinced those enhancements would increase my lens earnings.

I am coasting on Squidoo while I flow energy toward other projects with more income potential. I do update at least one to several lenses every day, because that takes only a few minutes to a half hour.

Except for my Shamanic Lenses, I have been letting the bulging toolbag of Squidoo modules do most of the work pulling in information, resources and references from news, blogs, social networks, Wikipedia, Amazon and many more sources. I build lenses for fun and for filing online resources and references by topic.

Ad-revenue at Squidoo is pooled and shared among lenses ranked higher than #85,000. Lenses ranking in the top 2000 get the biggest shares, a second tier of lenses ranked between 2000 and 16,000 get a couple bucks and the rest just pennies.

Commissions on sales through Amazon's modules are shared 50-50 and it is OK for lensmasters to sprinkle in their own affiliate links.

Though Squidoo modules are supposed to be simple, the large, diverse array of them can slow, frustrate and daunt a newcomer to the platform. Many come with quirks and glitches to work around.

Even though I am keeping things simpler on Squidoo, I have become expert at lens building (and polishing) over the past year.

HubPages:  I published my first hub today. HubPages is simpler than Squidoo, with fewer options and no distracting possibilities for tweaking with CSS or html code.

Hub authors receive 100% of ad revenue on 60 percent of the page-impressions through their individual accounts with Google Adsense, Kontera, Amazon and eBay (for those can get approved for an eBay affiliate account for another domain).

Hubs seem like stripped-down lenses to me. Squidoo has modules and HubPages has capsules, but the concept looks and feels alike to me.

I will publish more hubs soon, as my full schedule permits, and see how they perform, in fun as well as profit, compared to my lenses.

Updated 11/18/2010: I have published only two hubs compared to 111 lenses, so far. But I just browsed upon a lensmaster who recommends switching to Hubpages.
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