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My Life123 experience begins..but has ended suddenly

Update, 2/17: Oops. Life123 is dead already! My test article is still live at this writing, but the contributor side of the website has been closed. I received a notice by email that I would be paid for the article by the end of February. I will watch for that.
So the review below is outdated.

My original, outdated review:

I published a first article on Life123, a content website that purports to be picky about writing quality. My latest quick sampling of articles on the site suggests otherwise.

But it is too soon to tell, because I have yet to return to see how quickly (or if) staff editors are removing the several articles I noticed that did not come close to meeting Life123's editorial guidelines (with incorrect punctuation or misspellings). I skimmed many well written articles while I was browsing there, as well.

Life123 pays contributors up to $20 per article: $5 each for the first 50 and next 500 unique visitors and $10 for the next 500 unique visitors. Contributors may write articles on topics that fit Life123's taxonomy or claim SEO-team-researched titles from a long list.

The Life123 community has four levels: Member, Contributor, Writer and Expert. Life123 encourages publishers at all levels to drive traffic to their own articles, though all are searchable by category and topic on the site.

My one (experimental) article, Choose a Fun Way to Fix Broken Healthy Habits, is up to 14 unique visitors, after minimal efforts to draw readers. (Besides this link, I have posted it only on Twitter and Facebook, so far).

Founded in 2008, calls itself "the place to start when you need practical expertise—fast." It is a subsidiary of IAC (Nasdaq: IACI), along with,, Citysearch, Evite,, ServiceMagic, Bloglines, Zwinky and Excite. Life123 boasts a long list of content partners.
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