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My experience with ArticleIncome is no-go, so far

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I signed up for an account on January 6, 2010 and received a notification that my "account is pending."

Then, since the account seemed frozen in pending status, I registered again using a friend's computer and one of my alternative email addresses, just to rule out a glitch. But the same thing happened.

On February 1, I received an email at the first address, with the subject line "IMPORTANT: Regarding Your ArticleIncome Membership - Please Read," from "the new Customer Relations Manager" of

The email read:
"Hi Elizabeth,

This is an important announcement from ArticleIncome. (Which is why
you are receiving this email even if you specified that you don't
want any newsletters from us.)

My name is Melissa Sencio and I'm the new Customer Relations Manager
at The site and program is now under new management
and hopefully in the coming months you will see a substantial
difference in the value you get out of your membership.

Over the past few weeks, the ArticleIncome Team has spent a lot of
time and energy combating unethical users who open duplicate accounts
to garner points and referral credit, to game the screening system,
and to get back into our system after having been banned.

We have decided that the best way to solve this ornery problem is to
revamp our entire submission and registraton system. Consequently, will be closing the site for NEW members only.

*Since you are a member nothing else will change other than the
submission policy as detailed below.

New Policy - Unique Content Submission Only
One major issue we are fighting against is the mass submission of
duplicate content. While currently we accept content that is legally
owned by the submitting member even if duplicate content, we're
planning on limiting content submission to only UNIQUE content.

We feel that accepting higher quality, unique content will only
benefit our network of websites and therefore benefit you as a
member. Our main goal is to get traffic to these sites AND make sure
as many visitors see your articles as possible.

We need to ensure that the best quality content is published on our
sites. This will enable more quality traffic to be driven to your
articles and more money to be made.

We understand that submitting unique content may take longer and
more work. However, in the end your article will most likely receive
more traffic and ultimately more money.

Highly Recommended Tool to Make Unique Content - Your Discount Link
We would like to recommend a tool that can help you create unique
articles from your already created articles. It is an article
rewriter and spinner tool and it's called "The Best Article Spinner".

This is the only tool we can recommend that produces high quality
unique articles from already written content. We've secured a
discount for you that is available only for a few days.

Please go here for your discount and to watch the video and see the
powerful features this software offers:

If you use this tool to rewrite your articles we're sure you will
get more out of your ArticleIncome Membership."

But when I log in at ArticleIncome, the message is still, "Your account is pending" and I have no further access. Maybe this means my account approval is pending my purchase of the article spinning software ArticleIncome's new management is pushing.

Insisting upon unique content is standard now. However, I cannot understand a website that states it pays for and sells "unique" articles, then peddles article-spinning software to its writers, up front.

Perhaps I am misconstruing this weirdness and my misunderstanding is spiraling out of context. I shall investigate further, if the opportunity arises for me to get to the bottom of the problem and give the place a chance (if my account ever gets activated).

Update:  I did not receive a reply to an inquiry about activating my account - just another bulk sales pitch on February 5, "Last day...Don't miss out!...To give you an added incentive to rewrite your articles using The Best Article Spinner we have acquired rights to the 'Article Profit System' Report...The report sells for $37 but we have setup a deal for you so you can purchase The Best Article Spinner and receive a copy of 'Article Profit System' Report for free."
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