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No more cash outs at IM Report Card, but MyLot still pays money

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Update on 8/16/2012: This post is too outdated to fix; much has changed about these services by now. 

IM Report Card, a website that focuses on internet marketing reviews, was on my list of online writing gigs to sample and review.

But it has switched to a write for "status icons based on your credits earned," that you "will be able to virtual currency to purchase some selected internet marketing materials, or gain access to certain internet marketing sites that you would normally have to pay to access."

So I can scratch IMReportCard off the list now. I need to shorten my list (even more), anyway. 

A website that still pays for informal content generated by ongoing social participation around many topics is MyLot. Discussions, comments and photos all count.

Anyone who likes to blurt and opine, will have fun there, while waiting for pennies to add up to the $10 minimum payout (via PayPal).

MyLot also has a system to match "taskers" with "workers." 

It looks like an OK place to read the AP news and chime in about something or open a discussion about anything.
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