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Still paying more bills through anonymous, pseudonymous and ghostly freelancing, plus gardening

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When I signed up at Scientific Blogging, I visioned my blog, freelance wondering, becoming my favorite place to earn money writing under my own name about science and technology topics that fascinate me. I understand that persistence is what pays off there.   

But here I am amid another scientific blogging hiatus, still wondering how to make another new science blog stand out, when there are hundreds of outstanding examples on the Web. And I continue to struggle with SB's jumpy (for me) publishing tools.

So far, Digital Journal is my favorite online place to write for money. I was planning to contrast the science news articles I write there with science blogging. Perhaps, finding a new DJ beat would help un-stick me.   

Earning money gardening and odd-jobbing is ecstasy-inducing fun for me. When freelance physical work beckons, freelance writing for others, as others, seems second best, less and less exciting. 

But writing, researching, proofreading and editing for others, is paying most of the bills here, still. Then when cash-crunches hit, coins and bills begin pile and stack up weirdly in my dreams, lots and lots of money, all appearing exotic or foreign. Then cash flows through my world again.

I may not be living in the cloud yet, but I stay grounded in the gardens.

Sidetrack: The ministerial work I continue to do generates a few to several donations per year, which altogether barely begin to cover the matter, energy, space and time costs I incur by keeping an independent, three-dimensional micro-church open here. Last year I began shifting my ministry onto the Internet (as I started to move my freelance writing online), but I inhabit the sanctuary and shamanize from it daily.

While re-considering "creating content" online for up-front payments during weeks of cash-trickle, I imagine myself going back to Associated Content and giving Triond more tries, instead of returning to the Demand Studios mass-production line (AC's biggest rival, I understand), where I wrote under a pseudonym (to avoid being linked to any inadvertent, CE-created factual errors).

I published a few articles on AC and Triond and did not feel I had found a home at either, then moved on. "Content producer" is not a job title I can see myself boasting of at parties or reunions.

Enough. I must get back to shamanic and science blogging, and digital journalizing (and, while I am at it, Milwaukee airlines and airport examining) and (very small) business as un-usual. 
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