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How to earn a living freelance writing online, or not

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Simple, do-able instructions: Every day, write several original, high-quality, keyword-targeted 200 to 600 blogs, articles or other kinds of blurbs about consistently hot or (the most likely to be) evergreen topics you and many others are revved up about.

Publish on "content sites" or your own blog or a carefully chosen combination. Then, monetize the content diversely and creatively.

Monetize with ads and selling your own or others' value-adding, life enhancing products and services. 

A company I am not affiliated with (anymore) teaches how through an impressive, high-quality, all-inclusive website-building (and maintaining) package I bought last year as a continuing education course last year. Though the product's purpose is building a profitable online business (step-by-step in days), the company outlines their workable process briefly here as part of the sales pitch. 

Probably, you can get the gist of the method by studying the outline and paying attention to the free videos. It will work on any type of website or blog.

Though I decided against renewing the website after a year (but kept its content to republish bit by bit elsewhere), I recommend the instruction as a comprehensive (yet crash) course in online business creation and search-engine optimization (SEO) — without tricks — and more. FYI, the subscription costs about $300 per year, about the same (or less than) the average professional continuing education weekend workshop. 

After I built a Squidoo lens about this product, I discontinued selling it as an affiliate because that setup seemed complicated and didn't hold my attention. I stripped the lens, originally intended to promote my website and sell the product, of all affiliate-coded links, but kept informational links.

Also: Write for upfront payments too, finding and choosing the best offers from the highest-rated buyers though websites with freelance writing gig listings, such as Elance or FreelanceWritingGigs

Advertise your writing (and related) services on your websites and wherever you can (for free).

Draw more readers by social-networking engagingly.  

My worst mistakes: I don't publish often enough, pick unusual or unpopular, "boutique" topics and don't (yet) monetize what I publish as effectively as I could.

The first trouble-spot has the easiest fix, the third is being remedied gradually and persistently and the second continues to challenge me.

My current strategy: Writing more, forthwith, the easiest correction. I am betting this, or any significant improvement in one of my three, biggest wrongdoings, will make a noticeable difference in a few weeks, if not days.
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