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Our January at Blog-City

Tortoise Cat watching melting ice and snow in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tortoise Cat as been watching melting ice and snow in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, hoping for an early Spring.
This post explains what's happening (and not) with events and updates for Shamanic Shift Center.
Visit Tortoise Cat's (@Tortoise_Cat's) blog, too.
Sunday, January 24 continues: I've felt too tuckered to write much this weekend. I worked "odd-jobber" gigs yesterday (cleaning) and today (carrying boxes and setting up an upscale, in-home dress shop). 
Tomorrow business draws me on a road trip. Tortoise Cat will be comforted by company most of the day, as a colleague uses the space.
Early in the morning, I shall catch up on my writing schedule. (Drafts are almost ready to post and tweak.)
I published Telescopic Visions on Scientific Blogging.
I drove Colbert the ZipCar to Madison, Wisconsin for a business meeting and visit to the folks, then returned late night.
Tortoise Cat sounded-off about it as soon as she heard my footfalls near the door, though she had company most of the day.
I drift into drowse-mode as I ponder MKE airport stories for and new science news for Digital Journal.
I published a report on about General Mitchell Int'l Airport's final quarter of 2009 passenger count surge.
I published a blog about Life123 on ECP Writes (my freelance writing journal).
The to-do list is still long.
Writing about General Mitchell Int'l Airport and airports and airlines in Milwaukee for Examiner has become challenging, because local sources decline to be interviewed or speak only anonymously, due to the sensitivity of the topics.
A long meeting is scheduled here this afternoon, but not for me. This opens schedule-space for errands while Tortoise Cat stays, as my official representative.
Tortoise Cat's blog needs reorganizing – a great opportunity to procrastinate.
I published Initiatory Sailing and Physics on Scientific Blogging.
Local assignments took up most of the day.
I deleted old, unused accounts – clones of me, the old circle members' blogger accounts (because they "retired from the internet" last year and deleted or transferred their blogs to me) and miscellaneous.
It sounds like it's going to be another cacophonous day for the massage therapist upstairs. She's rolling and slamming stuff around already, getting ready.
How about some folk music? I'll play the Tuvan throat singing albums if the din (caused by this building's exceptional resonance amplifying normal noise) escalates.
I published an a report about Milwaukee airport security on
Why did I suddenly want to get caught up uploading photos taken since November to Flickr? All photos I shoot, on any subject, go in this account. Most are of this space, the neighborhood and Tortoise Cat, but I will be branching out. Still, I'm not planning to open another Flickr account to go with my freelance writing.
A cleaning gig spans this afternoon. Tortoise Cat is happy a colleague will be hanging out here, using the internet.
Local assignments and physical labor are slowing my online publishing, still.


This evening, after my basement organizing gig, I hope to publish at, Digital Journal and Scientific Blogging.
Another colleague will be here with Tortoise Cat, doing some work for me.
I published Arctic Extremophile Winter Pep Talk on Scientific Blogging and a "Milwaukee Airlines 101" article focusing on AirTran Airways on, first of a series.
On Digital Journal I slipped back eight notches.
Overall my productivity and earnings are up and I am organizing for more progress.
Tortoise Cat is ready for a mid-night romp.
What next...?
I am going to keep adding on, updating our January. Then, I'll start a new page for February . Contemporaneous notes is the new purpose for this blog.
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