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Our February at Blog-City

Urban jungle growing on a city window sill - green houseplants in shadowy close-up with window-screen causing refractions - superimposed on street view of vehicles and buildings!
I updated my stalest six Squidoo lenses and the site was so slow it took an hour.
The weird energy-vortex "urban-jungle on the window sill" picture (above) was created by serendipitous mistake. 
Scientific Blogging has been re-designing and my column appears lopsided at the top, with the most recent items accompanied by default pics that have nothing in particular to do with the posts. How (mildly) discouraging!
But it is a longstanding tradition, around here, that the first day of every month is a holiday.
And, of course today and tomorrow are a holy eve and day for Pagans and Christians – and for Earth, pregnant with Spring, though not showing it yet. 
My short list of online writing sites: Squidoo (Limit to one hour/day, editing or building, and/or make a Hub , if time remains); Digital Journal (Get my rating up to Top 20 by the end of March!?); (Step up the productivity to five posts per week); Scientific Blogging (Keep posting three to five blogs per week); Shamanic Blogspot (Work up to one post per day four posts per week); ECP Writes (Work up to one post per day four posts per week) and... To be continued and revised.
I have plenty of local writing, research and physical labor gigs keeping me busy, but I want to move onto the Net.
I am available for hypnosis and shamanic consultations, as well as officiant and ministerial services, by request, as freelance writing and physical labor gigs allow.
Days of the week to focus on freelance writing: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays.
Days of the week schedule with manual-labor gigs: Saturday, Sunday
Prayer periods: Dawn, Morning, Mid-Morning, Mid-Day, Afternoon, Evening, Night and Mid-Night. Morning, Evening and Night are the longest, most formally observed and the others integrate into ordinary activities flexibly.
Morning prayers feature blessings and thanksgivings. Evening prayers focus on world news. Night prayers incubate dreaming up shape-shifts for the better.
Update on Scientific Blogging design changes: The lopsidedness is fixed, but the default thumbnail pics remain for the four most recent post links at top.
Tortoise Cat heard birds in the Juniper tree outside the northeast front window all day, and seemed to believe Spring had sprung. A flock of sparrows inhabits that Juniper, because I spread a new bag of wild bird seed underneath every few days. The landscaper will mulch the area over in March or April, preventing a mini-prairie from taking hold.
This evening a light, sparkly snow falls. I await a late night phone appointment. Probably, I will write much shorter entries, usually.
If I begin writing this much, I can switch to starting over weekly or even daily, instead of monthly. (This Blog-City site, and Tortoise Cat's, have many features and I barely scratch the surface of what is possible.) 
Flock browser has upgraded to 2.5, but it locks up just as often, so far. The latest Firefox was heating things up so much my fingers were getting burned on the keyboard.
After I updated some Squidoo lenses, I posted at Digital Journal, then updated the blogspot, Tortoise Cat's blog and ECP Writes.


Wednesday and Thursday are my weekend days. This carries over from my ramp agent job at General Mitchell International Airport.
Wednesday afternoons are reserved for an ongoing, recreational activity with my oldest circle of life traveling companions. Nowadays, one colleague or another uses the internet or healing space here during that period, and keeps Tortoise Cat company. The Wednesday circle could be classified as "work," because it connects with the original Companions Church operations, but it feels like a vacation.
Tortoise Cat ventured outside and I snapped a few more photos.
I posted on Wisdomology and Examiner after the gathering.
Today, my weekend continues. My productivity began increasing when I renewed my old habit of taking "my weekend" off every Wednesday and Thursday, and observing more holidays.
Yes, I am considering blogging here every day, instead of accumulating these status reports in a monthly post.
I spent hours today writing, for local assignments and for my online short list.
Tortoise Cat strolled in the back, around the block and through the Saint Paul's Church courtyard garden. I snapped a couple of not-so-ho-hum pics.
A young raccoon was prowling around around 9:00 p.m. and I'll bet he wasn't alone.
A cleaning gig lasted five hours this afternoon.
I chopped off half of the post I was writing for Scientific Blogging and published it without. I can expand the leftovers into another blog. When it's a blog post, not an article, it's better to keep it short, simple and quick.
I set up FriendFeed and TwitterFeed (for the WebShift and Tortoise_Cat Twitter accounts) over again because the feeds of my published writings were posting erratically. Maybe I will quit using the services and do it myself. 
From the snow prints, I would conclude that one lone rabbit hopped by during the dark hours of morning.
I wrote all day, but only one article for publishing online.
It is hard to believe a major snow storm is on the way.
Milwaukee is amid a big snow day. A crew is sanding a hardwood floor across the hall.
My work today was half snow removal and half writing. Several drafts await finishing touches. Touches? It is more like pounding. 
What next...?
I am going to keep adding on, updating our February like I did January . Then, I'll start a new page for March.
Contemporaneous blubs / DIY "status updates" about Tortoise Cat and me is the new purpose for this blog.
Tortoise Cat on 1 February, 2010, looking serious on her favorite blue and black wide striped cushion in the east room of our space
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