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Our February at Blog-City, Part 2

A gentle giant of a snowstorm blew into our east side Milwaukee neighborhood on February 9, 2010.

The picture above shows the February 9 snowstorm. The tinted blotchiness must be from improper camera settings or resizing the high resolution image improperly (somehow) with the RIOT. But I like the look. Way below, see Tortoise Cat sniffing snow.
I hereby continue my DIY-style status reports for February, 2010 on this new page.
According to my schedule, today is the second day of my weekend, because, when I worked as a ramp agent at the airport, it was well known that "my weekend" fell on Wednesday and Thursday. I worked at General Mitchell International Airport long enough to get two days off in a row, but not long enough that either one of them was Saturday or Sunday, let alone both.
So, as usual, I was scheduled to relax today.
I have switched browsers, from Flock to Chrome, because Flock began overheating my laptop after its latest update, just like the latest Firefox did. Chrome is OK by me, but it won't always keep me logged in where I request it or remember all the passwords I ask it to, and I cannot find any reason in the settings for this weirdness, so far. As expected, some features of some websites don't function well in Chrome, but I have found workarounds.
And the coolness of no more overheating comes as a stupendous relief.
Today, I attempted to watch snow melt. It is easy to watch (and hear and smell) already-melted snow dripping and flowing. But glimpsing snow in the current, melting, here and now moment is much harder. When I relaxed, I felt the melt. 
Yesterday I found myself shocked over investigative journalist Gerald Posner's resignation from The Daily Beast. Resignation seemed to me to be an overreaction. If Posner simply inadvertently pasted already re-hashed press-release blah-blah background information instead of using the original blah-blah or his own re-hash of it, I'd recommend just fixing the articles and changing his research method, going forward. Ripping ideas, concepts and creative writing is unforgivable, but when it comes to boilerplate, handed out background information...well, there are only so many ways to word stuff like that.
Every day I read online "news" that is but a few words and punctuation marks away from press-release regurgitation.
Sometimes, I put my Digital Journal articles through an online plagiarism-checker. Of course, any direct quotes given out in the press-release and some technical terms that cannot be re-worded (since I write about science a lot) get highlighted as potential instances of plagiarism. The service shows me where those phrases are already in use on the Net. When I click over to those "articles," I find them all exactly, or nearly, alike, mere copies (or almost copies) of the press-release I am working from.
On Digital Journal and, everything must be cited in detail and linked back to. Out of an abundance of caution, I even link back to the press-releases.
Well, now, I need to get back to work.
I spent most of the afternoon on a basement cleaning and organizing gig. Tortoise Cat kept visitors entertained until I returned.
Today has been another satisfying physical work day. I'm still behind my online writing schedule. However, I must accept work that pays more as it comes.
I traveled to Madison, Wisconsin on business.
I returned to Milwaukee.
The usual Wednesday gathering is postponed. I relaxed. 
I'm still busy with gigs that pay more than online freelance writing, so far (much more). I can't bring myself to turn down work for competitive pay. I'm blessed to be able to do so many different tasks.
I removed and stored outdoor lights, then cleaned and organized a significant section of a basement.
The basement project continues. Physical work is refreshing. Spiders were dealing with the catastrophe, making the best of it. Many of the webs were old and I was clearing space for the new.  
I cleaned a kitchen disaster and moved a weight set.
I've decided to discontinue my ebook/website project because the shamanic blogspot and Squidoo lenses do the job better. Tomorrow I will figure out how to transfer the domain from SBI! to my old-faithful host Dotster.
SBI! is a great all-in-one solution for starting and running an online business. The instruction alone was well worth the year's (all inclusive) membership fee. But I doubt I would do another year of SBI! justice, so I'm bailing. SBI! is a wonderful product but it requires concentrated full-time attention for six months to a year to develop.
The odd-job and research/editing schedule has cleared and I will have a week or so to start over writing articles online. My ongoing, open-ended project: Amassing a stupendous, awe-inspiring portfolio of my writing (under my byline) on the Net.
I updated links from old static webpages at Dotster to my new stuff, using FileZilla.  
It must be time for a new page.   
To be or tomorrow.

Tortoise Cat explores her backyard snow-drift cage, early February, 2010.

 After the February 9 snowstorm, I broomed and shoveled a snow-cage for Tortoise Cat, just outside the back steps. 
I am going to keep adding on, updating our February more often than I did in January.
Contemporaneous blubs / DIY "status updates" about Tortoise Cat and me is the new purpose for this blog.
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