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Our February at Blog-City, Part 3

Weird perspective on dusk out the east window at N. Astor and E. Knapp Streets in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in late February

Here continues late February, 2010, for Tortoise Cat and me, on the east side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are looking forward to Spring!
I like the way this picture, taken from an askance perspective, appears shadowy and blotchy. A settings error in cropping and resizing of the original high-resolution images caused the effect, along with camera settings errors. Focusing outside, looking through a screen added to the weirdness.
Uploading pics seems to have caused a technical trouble. A strange blank error dialog box appears in the systems tray, then disappears too quickly for me to click it up (usually), then reappears, or waits a while to reappear, notifying me of a USB device not functioning and not recognized by Windows.
Yet, no device is plugged in at any port, and all work OK (so far) when they are plugged in. I have used the extra hard drive and digital camera successfully in all of the USB ports in the presence of this jumpy, enigmatic box.
In my search on the USB port issue I found only one other post about this dialog box appearing when no USB devices are plugged in. I read some possible complicated fixes, then found this, which describes the situation (except that in my case USB devices work, still) and offers an easy solution. Unplug before rebooting. I will give that a whirl in a while.
I have closed down the eBook project I started last March (instead of transferring it to Dotster) because the shamanic blog and Squidoo lenses will serve the purpose better, as soon as I start updating more frequently. I have been told the discontinued website will drop off the Net within 72 hours. Next I will begin recycling and refreshing those words and thoughts. 
Here is Tortoise Cat, stretching before a play session. 
What can I write about the Milwaukee airlines or airport? 
The Frontier Airlines and Midwest Airlines names might be replaced by an all new brand as Republic Airways unifies those operations over the next several months, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I need to be on more press-release lists. 
I finished and turned in another local research / proof-reading job. Then errands spanned hours. 
I worked another cleaning/organizing gig (afternoon). 
Tortoise Cat Stretch
To be continued on the next page, some day in March!

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