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Our May at Blog-City

Sun lighting tree blossoms in the courtyard garden


I celebrated the 1st of May in many ways, but not by blogging it. But I will blog about this holiday late, as I do with most holy days.

Tortoise Cat has let me know the mice have returned to the property.

A young raccoon passes our back door often. 


Rain cleared into fresher-feeling breezes.

As I walk the neighborhood I am as likely to smell blossoms as cigarette smoke!

I'm getting ready to plant more greenery in the rock garden. Clay pots are in place. The knotweed/polygonum is flourishing.

More weeds are offering gardening job security. 



Errands and visits.


It's off to the gardens for a while, while a colleague works here with the Tortoise Cat. 


A mystery critter visited during the night and bounded away before I could get a clear look. The distant silhouette seemed foxy.


A new visitor is expected.

Before and after gardening tomorrow, I will be writing.


Today's weeding plans washed out in gentle, steady rain. Today's writing drifted into free verse. 

My first attempts to get pics of Tortoise Cat play-fighting with me from inside the tub (a new favorite game) were partially successful.

Tortoise cat play-fighting in the tub

Tortoise Cat play-fighting inside the tub with me outside, looking down

My next notes will start a new page.

Knotweed (Polygonum), back door steps, blue mug, late afternoon, May 18, 2010


Now what? Tortoise Cat has been around the block and inspected the gardens and I have re-planted some weeds I was paid to pull — a kind of mint, stray strands of onion grass and a mystery ground cover — back here in the flower pots I had prepared for the rock garden. Now, it's a rock and weed garden.

The knotweed (a.k.a. Polygonum) is thriving and the wild violets I planted weeks ago are flourishing.

The heat in this building has been kicking on in the early am, probably because someone left the day-time thermostat near the second floor front offices turned up (it must be, because the one in our space is turned way down). Consequently, most of the shrinks here have been experiencing heat-shrinkage.

The landlord's HVAC guy arrived to turn on the three air conditioning units that loom over our back door area on an out-jutting second floor roof surface. I welcome the drone, rumble and wind-rushing sounds the AC units make because their combined, mighty din, masks many silly, seemingly unnecessary conversations that would otherwise burble down into my outdoor refuge, from this building's and the nearest next door neighboring windows.

As my good, green deed of the day, I reminded the maintenance guy to shut down the boiler. This will be the first year the heat and AC don't keep running together for weeks and weeks (until I can get someone to come back and fix that).


Today shifted into a play-day. 

Some Nineteenth of May Flowers on our block

After a garden stroll, Tortoise Cat was happy to sit on the back steps in the warm afternoon breezes, bird watching. 

Tortoise Cat restfully alert on our back steps on May 19, 2010

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