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Our June at Blog-City

Neighborhood roses, June 2010

June brings gardening gigs galore!

Daily, I am apprenticing to green (or purple, pink or red) life spirits — flowing wisdom of thousands of weeds, flowers and the woody-limbed of all sizes. 

I have kept up with a big, local, ongoing research and editing project, but have neglected blogging and other online content production. Now, I am reconsidering, once again, my freelance writing business plan, and will go into more detail about that, later or tomorrow, on the freelance blog.

Here, I will announce this shift: "Falling way behind" is transforming on purpose to "cutting way back" and quitting most content sites, even a few of the few I like. In truth, I have not, thus far, heard any calling to produce SEO-ed content just for content's sake (really, just for ad-revenue's sake), for pennies a page, even when it's good quality writing, even when it's easy.   

Shamanic and hypnotic consultations (here or by phone or email) and ceremonies continue, by appointment, on a case by case basis. I am choosing spiritual practice work more and more carefully, to make sure to do justice to life spirit, the church and myself, day by day.

For writing, I feel drawn back towards the blogs I started years ago (linked to social networks) and to select local jobs that come to me though recommendations.

And I feel drawn towards gardening gigs, now that it's the season. 

Tortoise Cat relaxing in the green chair in the rock garden

Tortoise Cat strolls "her" gardens, steals (claims) "my" green patio chair and relaxes after noon hour sunbathing. Occasionally, she sneaks out and goes "off the string" for short whiles.

It is dangerous for Tortoise Cat to wander this fast-paced urban wilderness alone, but I know her territory and route well, by now, and we always meetup quickly and continue strolling together.

Tortoise Cat (and Chameleon) promise they will blog again soon. 

Rock-garden around noon, June 5, 2010

Our ad hoc rock and weed garden is filling out with found and rescued plants. Every other day, I trim two to three feet off our Polygonum mini-jungle (living fence). 

Symbol of hope: This fern grows at a corner in the wall and blesses the doorway below.

This fern, growing sideways out of a stone wall — living sideways to most of the rest of us, expressing creative greenness anyway, refusing to be "stonewalled," no matter what — might surprise, encourage and inspire our neighbors who notice, or anyone who ever felt cornered or backed up against a wall. It has blessed all who go in and out of this church basement doorway for years...daycare children and staff, 12-Steppers and many others.

My digital camera's LCD (the only viewfinder) and interface with all settings broke a few days ago. But I can still snap pictures, letting the universe and serendipity aim and frame. 

Tortoise Cat has tugged me into several synchronicitous mini-missions of adventure and healing this week, helping me fulfill one of my life purposes locally, continuing the story of my life happily.

I am dreaming of a new, near-future career, custom-designing ecologically balanced, weed-friendly, mostly edible, urban gardens.

Soon after the raccoons paid a mid-night visit on the way to the dumpsters, Tortoise Cat greeted a black and white "tuxedo" cat skulking through her back-door territory.

She recovered from the extra excitement by cat-napping in, dreaming it all over into mid-morning in her new favorite inside chair.

Tortoise Cat wakes up from a longer cat-nap than usual, in her favorite inside chair near the east windows.

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