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Our July at Blog-City

Tortoise Cat and I just bid 'bye to Blog-City.

When Blog-City announced suddenly it will shut down in January 2012 I knew I wouldn't renew Tortoise Cat's and my blogs for the final year. Then I decided not to wait until this year's subscriptions end in a few months to delete the sites. I have re-published the Events and Updates since January 2010 (and will continue that weblog's purpose) here.

I'm setting up a new blog for Tortoise Cat (and Chameleon) after backing up that content for future publication as an ebook. 

Lilies thrill more than fireworks, July 3, 2010

Fireworks are fun, but flowers are fantastic, Tortoise Cat and I agree.

Light purple lilies close to dusk, July 3, 2010

Now that the Milwaukee summer's longest, loudest fireworks are over, I opine the light purple lilies that finally bloomed today thrilled me far more during dusk, because they seemed to be exploding subtle streamers of silent yet vibrant, intensifying iridescence.

Tortoise Cat relishes a mint lunch.

Here is the Tortoise Cat relishing a mint lunch. 

We played with young squirrels and sharp shadows on July 11, 2010

Three young squirrels came to play and stay all afternoon. The Tortoise Cat got tuckered! I snapped a pic or two.

Young squirrel hiding in Polygonum

Is this young squirrel hiding or lurking? Three juvenile squirrel siblings surprised and delighted, then tormented Tortoise Cat and me most of yesterday afternoon. Usually, they were too fast for the camera.

I am still using a digital camera without a viewfinder—pointing, shooting and hoping.  

After I thinned the invasive Polygonum out back (that serves as a fence) these guys seemed to decide against taking up residence.

Tortoise Cat, with her permanent fur-suit, has been rolling between sunshine and shade amid our neighborhood strolls.

Tortoise Cat rolls between shadows on a hot sidewalk in July, 2010.

Crows cawed us awake

On a hot July day, crows cawed us awake from catnapping and daydreaming.

Three crows in a green tree under a blue sky

After strolling the neighborhood, the Tortoise Cat and I returned to the shady rock-garden in back, then drifted into yawning, napping and daydreaming until three crows cawed us back to play and work.

We are happy the neighborhood crow flock is growing and thriving again.

Cardinal was singing through the afternoon next door, showing off his bright red suit with no lady cardinal in sight yet. With my camera missing a viewfinder, unfortunately, I missed snapping a picture. 

Tortoise Cat yawn

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