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ECP's and Tortoise Cat's August amid shifting breezes

 August has blown both warm and cool, so far. This feels like the beginning of an extended dry spell.

The leaves of the indestructible, invasive Polygonum (a.k.a. Japanese Knotweed) are fading to yellow and falling, as if we had passed into autumn already.
The tallest rescued thistle is ready to bloom amid the Polygonum (Japanese Knotweed).
Still, just as Imbolc begins spring and May Day (or Beltane) begins summer, Lughnasadh has begun autumn, as natural seasons generate holy days in life-cycles and spirit-spirals.

Tortoise Cat, the thistles and other plant and rock beings join together for long, watchful nights greeting critters passing by and warding off troublemakers.

The lease on these space-time coordinates is up for renewal soon. Do we stay here one more year or travel on, Tortoise Cat and I to a smaller town (possibly Woodland, California) and the others their diverse, creative ways?

I was getting set to move, saying "I'll consider staying if the property management company doesn't raise the rent." The rent goes up every year, it always has, all the rents do, every year, with this company, so there is no suspense or dread about it. Every year I just wonder by what amount the rent will increase (never if).

But, the lease papers arrived and for the first time ever (in this property management company's history as far as I know), there will be no rent increase!

This unusual apartment, by itself in a commercial building to maintain "mixed-use" zoning, is as much a challenge to rent as it is to live in.

It has been perfect (and purrfect) for our purposes, but some fixes need to happen. The fixes are part-two of my considering. 

Tortoise Cat prefers the smaller, blue folding patio chair.

Tortoise Cat in our ad hoc rock garden out back, on the east side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 2, 2010.Whether we stay or go, my focus is shifting back to freelance writing for a living.

I may shift my shamanic teaching, consulting and connecting entirely (or almost) onto the Net.

Ministerial services, I must provide in person, still, because I do not have a Second Life (yet). 

To make enough money freelance writing, much of it will be pseudonymous and most of that will be "content production" (into the near-future), but I will do my best to keep my blogs and columns full, too.

For fun, I'm constructing a windchiming bit of shamanic costuming from saved (from last year) dry, bamboo-like Polygonum stalks.

When Blog-City announced the impending shut-down for individual blogs (I suppose they continue to offer some blogging platform products and services) I felt relief. I wanted to use this site for the Events and Updates log anyway, but feared breaking unchangeable links. For anyone who followed a broken link to that no-longer existing URL, I do apologize for the inconvenience.  

Tortoise Cat (and the Invisible Chameleon) will be much happier on the new blogspot.

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