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Birds in the not quite burning bush beeped messages

 Bird in the Still Green Burning Bush, October 1, 2010, east side Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Today I zoomed to snap pics of sparrows in the burning bush near the corner of N. Marshall and E. Knapp Streets, which is just beginning to turn ruddy around the edges. The birds look more like spirits, visible only after I relax my gaze.

Without a viewfinder, zooming really throws my aim off. But I was experimenting, playing around. I just felt like zooming.

As usual, the Tortoise Cat didn't catch any birds, stalking. She seemed content sitting next to the bushes, activating her imagination, perhaps.

Tortoise Cat next to the still green burning bush at the corner of N. Marshall and E. Knapp Streets

I am amid updating my Squidoo library, leaving Demand Media Studios alone (hoping to stay on their list as a backup) and considering letting Examiner go, too. I was dismayed to find typos on my lenses that had been there days or weeks. But all of them were not my doing, I discovered. Squidoo appears to have a cache updating glitch that can cause recent edits to disappear, while long deleted punctuation, words and sentences reappear.

So, besides monsters on Squidoo, there are ghosts in the database. Extra refreshing of the lens workshop before publishing and multiple publishes blew some of them away, but I resorted to replacing a few haunted modules.

The monsters have been shortchanging me on points periodically -- stashing a cache aside, maybe for monstrous reasons. But today all those missing points came popping in over a few hours time, boosting me a level and a half by giving me credit for about half of my participation from last week.
Examiner's new pub-tool "2.0" is one of those "designed to be foolproof" templates that strings the publishing process out over several pages with submit buttons, so I can no longer get the big picture of what I'm writing on one page. But what bothers me about Examiner is how hard it is to keep track of earnings.

There has been plenty of news on my Examiner beat, the Milwaukee airlines and airport, but I have let my discouragement with that monster of a pub-tool get the better of me for two weeks, though I was contributing 2 to 4 articles a week before the upgrade. I must examine again before the end of next week to make sure I have published within 30 days, to ensure I remain eligible to receive the next payout. Then, I may forfeit the few dollars difference, quit examining and chalk that one up.

My Suite101 account is reactivated and I must get started writing there.  

A little bird keeps telling me, if I updated my own blogs daily and got prolific at just one upfront payment place while getting busy building deep content libraries on Squidoo and Suite101 (to earn residuals from eventually), I would begin to prosper before the end of this year.

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