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October shifts: Picturesque Messes and Freelance Clean-Up

 Autumn Mess: Green & yellow leaves, purple Asters and a basketball in October in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53202

So what is the freelancing business plan now? It's almost all writing gigs these days. I have let gardening and other odd jobs go indefinitely, to focus on freelance writing.

My mess of tasks is clearing and the ball is rolling.

Shamanic Shift Center is still active, of course. But I'm not drumming for business, practicing almost as a solitary at the edges and fringes of many neighborhoods.  

I am shifting into content production hyper-drive. For upfront payments, I'm revving up my activity at TheContentAuthority (TCA) and claiming an occasional assignment at Demand Media Studios (DMS).  

TCA has a simple setup and its administrators are easily accessible and unusually helpful. DMS keeps adding features and perks, and I have no complaints, but searching for appropriate, hassle-free titles gets tricky and time consuming there. I am humbled by the information that many write 20 to 200 or more DMS articles a month .

For performance pay, Suite101 and Examiner are my next priority. 

I will continued to update this blog, the shamanic blog, the Tortoise Cat's blog and Twitter, and ShamanicShift's FB and Twitter as often as possible.

Squidoo lenses are my research file system that I update as I browse, so I shall keep expanding my lens collection.

Also, I am considering writing the shamanic ebook in lenses.

On hold, just in case: Digital Journal and Hub Pages.

Let go permanently: Science 2.0 -- I like that website and the members, and I held high hopes for the Freelance Wondering blog for a while. But, it doesn't pay enough for me to be able to afford to do it justice.

The Tortoise Cat is tugging me outside more than ever for neighborhood strolls and photo sessions.

Tortoise Cat on a sandstone ledge next to a burning bush under autumn leaves and blue sky on the east side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53202 
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