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How do you repoint (not tuckpoint) an archangel?

Tuckpointing and repointing, or repairing masonry, is happening this week at St. Paul's Episcopal Church on the east side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo: Archangel Repointer, by ECP (a.k.a. Shamanic-Shift) on

Once-a-year a contractor fixes this red sandstone church, a prominent east side Milwaukee, Wisconsin landmark.

The masonry repair process happening now near this Archangel on the tower of Saint Paul's Episcopal Church on our block appears to involve tuckpointing and repointing, if the Wikipedia articles are correct.

In the picture above, Ken Gammon of Holton Brothers, Inc., is a little lower than the angel, but he appears to be reaching for the trumpet (or whatever kind of musical instrument that is)!

Later, he had raised himself higher than the angel.

Zoomed church repointing on the east side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by ECP (a.k.a. Shamanic-Shift) on
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