ECP a.k.a. ShamanicShift (ecp_writes) wrote,
ECP a.k.a. ShamanicShift

Almost too-bright moments thrill amid October windy, busy days

Tortoise-Cat in her favorite neighborhood garden in a sunny moment of a windy October 2010 day, by ECP (a.k.a. Shamanic-Shift) on

There is always time and space for an autumn garden stroll with my colleague, the Tortoise Cat!

I still blog irregularly and infrequently because I must write hundreds of articles for the up-front payments. It is great to be able to earn a living mostly over the internet. But, I write too slowly, still, especially about unfamiliar technical topics.

Keeping at it, no matter what, will bring relief by next spring, I expect. Learning about so many assorted topics is fun.

Like the autumn leaf piles neighbors have heaped up, these unfinished work piles will disappear in due course.

Piles of mostly bright orange Maple leaves being rakes up by a neighbor on N. Astor Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, late October 2010, by ECP (a.k.a. Shamanic-Shift) on
Tags: autumn garden, autumn leaves, blogging, october, october 2010, tortoise cat, writers block, writing

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