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ECP a.k.a. ShamanicShift

November walls, shadows, clouds, windows and doors distract

Intense autumnally red ivy on a cream city brick wall with windows reflecting the blue-gray, clouded November sky.

My world is looking like an amazing obstacle course lately, but I can use the exercise anyway.

The sun is vacationing in the south, letting shadows run wild over many stony walls in my life. But many windows and doors appear to be awaiting my actions.

Yes, I am still slow-poking my way through false starts amid the final stages of gearing up to pound out mass quantities of 300 to 500 word articles about worldly keywords for many (many!) minimal upfront payments at TheContentAuthority. After I clear out the latest backlog of assignments from local sources that are easy to grab, but do not offer a steady flow of work, I shall be underway for the winter.

By spring, I want to be ahead of this game, well on my way to saving money for a move to Woodland, California, with the surplus always on hand for traveling back and forth to visit the folks, as needed.

To be able to travel frequently, I need to earn more of my living online.

Can I also get myself to post at least twice a week on, Suite101 and my blogs so I can transition gradually away from upfront payments for anonymous writing? 

Shortly after I reactivated my Suite101 account, the submission guidelines and rules changed; there is no more ten articles every three month quota and writers may use any voice. As long as it is that easy to keep my account open, I am pausing my participation, again, to research what I can publish there to attract significant numbers of page-views and ad-activity.

For clues I am studying the content of Suite101 writers in the top 1000 list for page-views, especially those with the smallest content libraries generating above average interest. 

I am also paying attention to what I do read and bookmark for future reference. Perhaps surprisingly, next to none of it relates to "personal development" or "health and wellness" anymore. Science news articles and press-releases draw my attention most often, but appear to already cover adequately what needs to be written.

Suite101's Writer's Block tool just brought up "health food store online," along with several more search-engine-attractive keyword strings. The Idea Generator suggested another full page of phrases with better than average revenue potential, including "wind power industry." 

Yet, consistently, I enjoy scanning Squidoo lenses on a wide range of topics. I like well-maintained lenses as one-stop-shop webpages with unrestricted link lists, auto-updating news, blogs, pics and vids, alongside related book and product suggestions, plus original blurbs or articles. I have been using Squidoo as an online filing system, but not taking it seriously otherwise. Hmm.       

Overshadowed door in a wall of Lake Superior Sandstone

No matter what, the Tortoise Cat continues to insist, "Savor the remaining days of waning Cat-Grass Season, and keep pausing to sniff the longest lingering, dying flowers!"

Tortoise Cat sniffing orange flowers in the church garden down our block

Experience the nose-blurring aromas of Kale, still thriving in the chillier breezes!

Tortoise Cat experiencing nose-blurring aromas of Kale amid autumn garden colors.

Suddenly dusk arose, and fast fading metaphorical messages seemed to smolder unreadably over crow and tree shadows.

Crow and tree shadows, dark and light clouds, and dusky sun shining through

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