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Know-it-all colleague: To make money, write what you like to read!

First sticky snow covering the rock-garden and row of Japanese Knotweed and flower-pots with dried pods out back

He claims: If I wrote to the best of my abilities what I most liked to read, giving that my fullest possible attention and most concentrated effort, I would start make more than enough money to live on soon.

Perhaps. But I know I need "content production" to earn enough of a living to stay in the black today, though I can see myself transitioning away from that business plan over the course of a few years.

Today I am contemplating his suggestion, asking and answering this question: What do I choose to read on the Net, first and last?

Though I cannot cite the Wikipedia as a reference and have no desire to write for it, I read its entries on most topics I research, clicking over to the references and external resources. After that, when I read for fun, I am most often drawn to news, blogs and Squidoo lenses.

But if someone asks me to write for money about this or that specific keyword phrase, I can do it quickly. However, I never read articles like that, not even mine. 

Meaning, for example, if links to eHow, Suite101 or eZinearticles appear in search results, I rarely click. But (I hasten to add) I make a point of reading and linking up pieces created for content sites by friends or colleagues.


I read lots of news, so I need to pick one place to focus on writing news articles.  

Besides current events, science and technology, aviation is indeed a favorite news topic.  But what I write for Examiner must be about or connected to MKE or another local airport or one of the airlines that serves Greater Milwaukee.

It does not pay for me to spend hours visiting the airport, because the long bus ride would take up most of any period I could devote to the project. I am barely hanging on as an Examiner and my pal makes a good point, that I need to begin really doing it, or quit.  


I have this one -- for my musings and amusement -- and my shamanic blogspot. Next to news, I read blogs the most.

It might seem odd, but I can no longer bear to read blog posts about personal development, health and wellness, or body, mind and soul. Or complementary and alternative medicine. Or any spiritual and religious stuff.

After skimming, I link up the best of the least pseudo-scientific of those writings up on Squidoo lenses for others to appreciate.

I read eagerly and thoroughly several libertarian and survivalist blogs and many, diverse blogs and posts about nature, science, technology, history, biography, travel and transportation. And freelancing experiences and tips often hold my interest, especially blog posts about freelance writing.

Maybe I should switch to blogging about one of those categories.


I must be hooked. After more than 130 lenses, so far, why is it still so hard for me to admit I would do well to begin taking it seriously as a potential income source?


Here I am sharing some recent pictures, as usual. Above is today's first sticky snow over the rock garden and Japanese Knotweed near the back steps. Yesterday the scene looked like this:

Rock garden, Japanese Knotweed and pots of dried pods near the back steps, on December 3, 2010, the day before the first sticky snow

Where is my colleague, the Tortoise Cat? She has appeared slightly blurry-eyed ever since the colder weather blew over us, perhaps from taking more, longer-than-usual, deeply dreamy, highly adventurous cat-naps.

The Tortoise Cat, slightly blurry, next to the indoor rock-garden near the northeast window
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