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Reconsidering Bukisa after the site's revamp, revenue changes

This is one of the huge welcoming signs for Go...

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 I signed on at Bukisa last year, but experienced many glitches even setting up my profile and decided to put-off contributing.

Today I received an email announcing the site's total overhaul and impending switch to the Google AdSence API for payments. When the changeover is complete in about a month, writers will earn 60% of the Adsense revenue from their content, through their own Google accounts.

The website appears transformed and more functional now. Published content lists were not showing on profiles or in RSS earlier today, but this is due to a soon-to-be-fixed glitch in the latest version, I learned by exchanging tweets

I encountered no difficulty integrating my Google Adsense account.

The site's blog explains the reason for abandoning the original Bukisa index payment scheme.

Certainly this venture is worth another look as a revenue share gig.

The new How-To template might provide a hassle-free eHow alternative and draw me in for that type of article, especially when a fully-loaded Squidoo lens seems too much.

Researching for this post, I noted Bukisa articles about Medicare changes, physical changes from old age and Ayers' Rock color changes showing at the top of Google's results for "Bukisa changes" -- meaning the site's content must be getting significant search engine attention. 
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