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Squid-do or don't?

Screen-grab of this blogger's Squidoo profile with trophies

Am I frustrated enough to rear up my drooping tentacles and delete my silly Squid-self despite my progress over more than three years?

Less drastically, I keep feeling tempted to hang-up my neighborhood SquidAngel-wings and disengage from the site until the fuss about cleaning up spammy lenses (ignited over Google's "farmer" algorithm tweak) blows over.

Squidoo's HQ has so far seemed to ignore my humble, SquidAngelic efforts to help out; TOS-violating junk lenses I dinged and/or reported are still holding strong weeks later.

But great lenses by "trusted" giant squids have been locked erroneously for days, I was dismayed to read on the forum, because those lensmasters didn't realize their original content had been scraped and republished, triggering Squidoo's newly tweaked clean-up filter.

I opine, no matter how much there is to do, amid scrambling to overcome surprise bonus obstacles (and backpedaling on previous policies and practices), failing to double-check giants' lenses before disabling is inexcusable, because most of these squids have done lots of extra work for Squidoo for free in the process of achieving giant or giant 100 status, giving generously to the Squidoo cause of being the go-to website for Unique, Useful, Updated Human (UUUH!) content. Shutting down power-users' content first, instead of white-listing and pausing a couple moments to review for false positives inevitably generated by inhuman software, costs the site's best participants even more time, energy and -- in many cases -- significant revenue loss.

The way this has been handled is all but unforgivable, I maintain.

I don't know what to do about Squidoo. Probably, I'll withdraw a little ways and wait and see what, if anything, happens that affects me directly. Now I get around two cents to two bits to a few bucks per lens every month for lots of lenses, so I hate to give up.

Anyway...Here I am now shifting attention to what I can do to care for myself better and tweak how I spend my own earthly, universal energy and matter.

Now, I am forcing myself to switch topics:

A self-employed freelancing pal suggested this book and loaned me a copy, so I have added it to the top of my reading list. First I must finish two healing books I promised to review on the shamanic blogspot, long overdue for an update.

The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Commercial Freelancer in Six Months or Less [Perfect Paperback] byPeter Bowerman

The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Commercial Freelancer in Six Months or Less by Peter Bowerman certainly looks promising and upbeat. Maybe I'll re-prioritize.

OK -- great! I can recommend books through Amazon here on this blog using static html by uploading the picture for the link, an easy extra step.

I have been visualizing feeding myself better physically and spiritually. Professional sufficiency joins body and soul and keeps them living happily together.

My colleague the Tortoise Cat is well-fed and fit!

But, she is growing restless, increasingly impatient for snow-free neighborhood strolls to all her favorite old cat-grass patches. Here is a picture of a resting Tortoise Cat.

Tortoise Cat awaits cat-grass season with growing impatience, by ECP (a.k.a. Shamanic-Shift) on

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