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ECP a.k.a. ShamanicShift

Relieved I woke up from dreaming I was a Squid

ShamanicShift on Squidoo, before I retired as a SquidAngel and resigned as a Giant 100 (keeping the lenses, not updating as often, not playing anymore monster games)The pic on the right is a screenshot of my Squidoo profile, just before I resigned as a Giant 100 Club member and retired as a SquidAngel a few weeks ago. Oddly, the original Giant badge remains, though my message stated I was resigning from Giant Squidhood altogether. What a relief it is, to let all the monster games go.

Rule changes are OK by me, and should be expected on any site. For the record, none of my lenses ran into any problems.

But Squidoo's changes, in response to Panda, were clumsily and confusingly implemented, in my view. Still, I backed off mainly because my ROI was low there, compared to other places I write. I realize participating brings great returns for many others, and I have nothing against it. Continuously updating lenses became a chore, then a drudgery for me, however.

As I have mentioned before, I have noticed many of the the topics I was writing about do not do well on Squidoo. Plus, I began lensing for fun, and later experimented with profiting, then grew enthused for a while, but then lost interest (after complications there developed complications).

The last straw was realizing that using the bookmarklet to add a link to a lens caused an annoying figure on the dashboard to request I update the category settings for that lens (that using the widget had undone, by some glitch -- that I reported, to no avail). 

For now, I plan to keep the lenses I opened, not open any more, and update occasionally. 
Tags: content production, squidoo, squidoo glitches, squidoo plus, squidoo review

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