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Dead tree

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This weird, dead tree reminds me of a wildly dancing shaman!

Given a choice between making a living as a shamanic minister-consultant and a freelance writer of any kind of content, from the deeply meaningful to the frankly banal, if success were assured either way, I would pick writing. I get lost in writing, and would willingly write free, if earning a living weren't so key to my well-being.. 

So, I need to leave "would" out of the sentence, and let all shamanisms go, except my own daily -- imaginary and artistic -- shamanic foolishness.

The only calling I still hear within my soul "from the spirits" is for daily shamanzing behind the scenes though outsider artistic expressions, and through re-creative "acting out" now and then -- and through fostering FUN and questioning, while I navigate this strange, wondrous planet..

The church of shamanic ways I founded to encircle my, and anyone's, right to explore shamanry as a way to weave life meaningfully, no matter what -- on the short list of essentials for a happy, healthy life: 
_has spread out; 
_connects through cyberspace and non-ordinary reality; 
_and its declared, known members practice as artists, entertainers and hermits. 
Providing staff support for it is hardly any work at all -- and it also doesn't pay at all. Making spirituality pay just isn't one of my comfortable niches. Our doctrine and method is: Everyone, be a shamanic shift center, wherever you are, as you go along, each in your own ways. So simple. Already I have stopped booking shamanic sessions and religious ceremonies, so I can concentrate on earning my living writing.

I admit, the cyber-reams of writing being outsourced these days shocks and amazes me with every login to claim assignments. It has factored into my disillusionment with shamanic ways as New Age, alternative and complementary WOO, too. (I hope anyone who practices shamanic ways that aren't like that won't be insulted; I didn't mean you.)

Companies are even outsourcing outsourcing, on every conceivable topic:
_get OK, legible, relevant content onto many ad-revenue pages, all with proper keyword density;
_link back with a tree full of so-so (i.e. cheaper) content.
_buy some slightly better-quality press releases, too, for an additional halfpenny per word.

Once a week, or so, I notice another personal development or prosperity "how-to" blog start up, with a clever, individualistic-sounding title. But, from my work, I know its words of wisdom are being pounded out by 100 freelancers sitting at keyboards, give or take five or ten, for a penny or two per word.

But I enjoy those writing assignments, anyway. I admit it. I just do.

I consider it research practice, writers' block busting and education about new topics, little known facts, and web writing itself.  

Above all, writing about diverse lucrative keywords has opened my eyes to the wide-ranging variety of shams being sold -- and bought, evidently, though it is hard for me to believe so many folks are so gullible -- as alternative or natural treatments for ailments, eco-friendly solutions for energy production, and financial success products. But all I need to succeed at this relatively hassle-free (except for copy-editors), work-at-home venture of selling my time, talent and energy for money, is more web content pounding-out speed.


Unlike this guy, a real deal blogger who pretty much solves all the problems folks consult gurus about, without the hoop-jumping mystification, I have yet to find my blogging niche, the gig I will find will so fun it pushes all banal content writing for pennies aside.
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