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This blog is moving...but WHERE? Wherever, updating would help...

Wind gusts shook the money tree down the block! The tower looked higher than usual. (Photo by ECP, a.k.a. ShamanicShift and Shamanic-Shift on blog, for writing about personal and freelancing experiences, is shifting locations, and this post will be updated to link to its latest new location.

Updated, October 16: I continue blogging and reporting on Digital Journal. 

Years ago I paid for a lifetime membership here, and as long as LiveJournal keeps hosting, I shall keep this blog too, at least as a past and future reference point. 

This is a new plan, and I am considering options still.

Also, the location might shift more than once while I experiment. Of course, actually blogging regularly and frequently (wherever) would help!

Since almost no revenue is generated here because LJ forbids most monetization possibilities, I was considering blogging freelancing and personal stuff at Digital Journal, where I have been writing news, and where I was feeling almost at home

But last week DJ instituted gamification, and I feel embarrassed to be associated with such silliness. Maybe this is because I burned out participating in Squidoo's monster games, which were quite a bit more involved and complicated.

On the plus side of the new system, I would generate merit points for every post and original photo. However, the resulting un-professionalization of the service has already begun irking, embarrassing and distracting me, and I may decide to quit contributing there altogether instead.

The two to three bucks per article makes my work there, in my view, volunteering (with benefits). I learned at Squidoo that the bells and whistles of points, ranks and badges are -- above all -- a ploy to generate more volunteering, and do not equate to better article performance and more revenue..

Do real journalists in worldwide news organizations work for luridly colorful prizes, meritorious participation points and ranks with privileges? 
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