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Squidoo modules failing, causing extra volunteering

Screengrab of ShamanicShift's (this blogger's) Squidoo profile ("credentials") October 30, 2012Writing Squidoo lenses turned into a $5 per month deal (approximately), probably because my favorite topics aren't popular on that website. So when extra hoops popped up (besides the distracting gamification I liked at first then wearied of profoundly), increasing the amount of volunteer work expected of freelancers, I resigned Giant Squid-hood and SquidAngel-ing and left my lenses to fade, except for updating/re-publishing every six months or so.

Publishing lenses anew every at least every several months usually keeps them out of Works-In-Progress status. But lenses rated 90 to 100 percent complete by the feedback graph in the publishing tool will nevertheless still lapse to WIP if they go too long without re-publishing (as determined by the site's algorithmic auto-checker, and other factors come into play too). That is another reason I quit -- I would rather write, finish and leave content stand (unless the information becomes outdated).

But a much more bothersome Squid problem now entangles me, cutting more drastically into my cutting my losses:

Modules I featured on many lenses -- chosen for long-term reliability when I was constructing new lenses every day or so -- have defunct-i-fied anyway, necessitating additional unpaid work logging in and removing the unsightly blanks. Admin stated that discontinued Flickr Modules would simply disappear -- they did not. For over a month I noted persisting blank Flickr Modules on my lenses. So, regretfully and grudgingly, I decided to engage in more unpaid work correcting that because my byline and brand are attached.

Now I see the Twitter Modules I added to make connecting with readers easier have stopped pulling tweets. A while back the Google News and Google Blog modules merged, necessitating the removal of one and the renaming of the other on multiple lenses. What will go down next?

Unfortunately, it turns out (after so much effort for so little return), these lenses are not simply fading gracefully, but also thinning roughly.

Also, ironically perhaps but not-so-weirdly (because Squidoo frequently creates "clubs" certain lenses qualify for suddenly, besides awarding birthday badges), my badge-count and level have gone up since I slacked off participating, even though I lost the Giant Squid and Giant100 badges when I resigned those honors.

Of course, being a Giant Squid or SquidAngel and all those silly badges and levels have next to nothing to do with revenue.

My live and learn takeaways: Always restrain my enthusiasm when dealing with content websites -- any websites, really. And, at all costs, avoid being bedazzled by rah-rah gimmicks, then tricked into (more than a little) volunteering! 
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