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Let us rent or visit, never buy

Tortoiseshell cat inspecting her apartment building and grounds, November 2012 (Photo by ECP, aka ShamanicShift aka Shamanic-Shift on

OK, my tortoiseshell cat companion and I were notified our next apartment home (or, in cat terms "territory") -- located in a southern Milwaukee suburb that promises quieter, safer conditions than downtown -- will be ready halfway through November. An acquaintance asked casually, recently: Why not buy a house?

Our visit here on the border between Milwaukee and Greenfield stretched over months -- into an encampment -- while we waited. But our hosts are gracious and we have been able to contribute to offset their inconvenience.

This next move might feel stress-free because we're keeping life simple now and going forward. 

Attending to seniors who own homes (for several freelancing gigs this year and last) highlighted a key disadvantage of home ownership and settling down. Most of those folks don't own, I observed -- they seem owned. I've asked about that impression and heard protests that my view isn't true. So maybe I'm seeing and interpreting amiss.

Anyway, certainly: Worrying over property prevents fun -- not worth it, I opine. Hunting and gathering must be harsh, but that wild life included laughter, play and fun, amid the daily horrendous challenges.

My feline colleague takes possession of every place we stay a day, but she must delegate care-taking duties confidently when we move on. She appears to take over and annex all new territories fully, immediately, without qualms.

Allowing oneself to become attached to surroundings like many (other) cats, critters and humans do unwittingly induces troubling stress and stressing troubles, this carefree cat appears to be cautioning me by example.

I pause to appreciate my pal: This playful Tortoise Cat, who doesn't like "getting there" while were going, does demonstrate how to live freer whenever, wherever we stop a while.
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