ECP a.k.a. ShamanicShift (ecp_writes) wrote,
ECP a.k.a. ShamanicShift

My freelancing New Year's resolutions

New Year's Eve is here and finally I'm reconsidering resolutions about my freelance writing and odd-jobbing for 2013.

I will work where I can donate payments directly to my non-profit mission of reality shifting towards better and best.

I will accept odd jobs and writing gigs I can link -- somehow, tangentially, if not directly -- to re-creating a funner, freer world.

I will publish at least one blog or article under my own name at least five days per week.

I will begin my long-dreamed ebook project anew and finish at least the next-to-last draft by the end of 2013.

I will keep silence except when emitting beneficial sounds: blessing, singing, laughing, cheering, encouraging, comforting, thanking, teaching, praying and storytelling dreams and visions of better and best.  


Tortoise Cat Napping in a December Window

Tags: better and best, dane county, dreaming, freelance writing, freelancing, new year's eve, non-profit mission, oak creek wisconsin, prayer-shifting, resolutions, silence, winter 2012-13

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