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ECP a.k.a. ShamanicShift

OK, another Squidoo experiment has begun!

My Squidoo Profile January 2013

Now I'm testing what Squidooing is like without playing the Squidoo Plus game features for points, levels or trophies (while leaving the features on for feedback), without signing onto Giant-Squidhood (which I resigned from rather than re-signup to -- too many hoops, I decided), without caring about meriting lens-of-the-day or a purple star or any honors -- and (perhaps the most important) without working for free (like I did Squid-Angeling, though I did have fun with that for months). I'm beginning another experiment because many of my lenses still pay a small amount every month (adding up to between $5 and $20), though well over a year has passed since I lapsed (on purpose) into expending next-to-no effort, while contemplating deleting my account.

Also, Squidoo's payment set-up makes donating lens payments to my non-profit mission, a key New Year's Resolution, simple and easy. Besides, informal, individualistic writing is welcome there, almost a must -- a relaxing plus I much appreciate. 

Yes, my frustrations still discourage: Many favorite Squidoo modules and lens types have ceased functioning or been officially discontinued and that is likely to keep happening, I've accepted; the name, design and color scheme has always seemed childish to me, almost embarrassing to be associated with (yet I -- kind of -- like it anyway, off and on); the dos and don'ts continue to change rapidly as Squidoo responds to online trends, yet to my knowledge there is no single updating TOS to guide lensmasters (and I find poring over and pondering the interlinked lenses -- some outdated -- that aim to serve this purpose takes extra energy and time I would rather not spend); and I will remember more ongoing troubles for this gripe list, I'm certain (...oh yes, the frequent glitches).

The Squid-U forum can be a helpful resource, but I found reading the posts deflating more often than encouraging -- and I'll admit, probably that's mainly just me.

Still, the account is open today for me to play with, so here I go again...WOW!

So far, I am surveying and republishing all -- I'm about halfway done: removing defunct modules; adding Google News modules (which I deem most likely to stay functioning longest) if there isn't one and/or too few modules remain; and removing or fixing any broken links and incorrect content I notice. 

The next stage: New lenses built with an updated strategy (that doesn't exist yet -- but soon).

Then, if I am still Squidooing: Lens polishing and expanding.
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