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My tweets show what draws my attention and hint: what I'd be better off writing...

This tortoiseshell cat was taking a dim view of early April 2013!

Reaching up into dawning clouds in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, early April 2013

As I have stated often, freelancing, for me, is an attitude that expresses my freedom-celebrating, choice-exercising, consequence-accepting (ever-aimed-for, ideal yet real and emerging by fits and starts) lifestyle, which includes earning through diverse fun, helpful, entertaining, educational endeavors, including writing.

As a longer-term project I am writing autobiographical story-books that I plan to publish first as ebooks, then see if any sell (with standard shameless promoting).

Two years (or so) ago, not knowing what to do with this (already) paid-up LJ lifetime-membership, I had decided to keep a record of my freelancing, an almost-daily (or at least weekly) diary of what is happening in my world. But I have lagged, though I could be writing about anything that shifts my soul any day.

Besides holding this space open, the daily My Tweets archive helps me find links I wanted to read or share later, so I keep that setting.

Certainly, this account of my life has remained unfocused! I have had my reasons for maintaining this dim vagueness that could be the dusk or dawn or the spring or the fall. Of...what...and why?

First, I fear sticking out -- my opinions on current events are complex, contradictory and changing, so I rarely reach out over the Net to go "on the record" in favor or against any side, lest anyone take my words seriously (as my final say-so), and start fulminating hate -- wasting energy, time and space on opinions that will surely shift again soon.

Second, confidentiality agreements prevent me from writing about today's mundane gigs -- until later. I have permission to publish the best over the next few to several years, as circumstances shift, altering names and details just enough to protect essential privacy, meaning these ebook story collections will be "fiction based on fact" (a favorite genre).

Third, this year, so far, I have spent two or three days per week commuting around Wisconsin on family business with expenses paid, but no additional payment. So that gig is: I travel for free while running errands (instead of: I work for free while traveling). Between commutes, other odd jobs closer to home let me grab enough spare change to break even. And so my schedule is full (a favorite reason-not-excuse).

My writing inventory:

Mostly unpublished, so far, I have been updating the accompanying information pages for Companion Circle's shamanic blog, the official website of the (micro-) church I co-founded back in 1990. The blog pages replaced the old static site, which refers visitors over, but the blogspot should better define and clarify our non-profit mission -- modernizing, innovating and individualizing.

Steadily I have been losing interest in teaching, performing and promoting shamanic ways and ministerial roles formally and publicly through blogging or otherwise. Years ago I began regretting ever taking shelter under the shamanism umbrella term, not because it was a poor choice of words anyway (already widely in use when I first tread the Net, thanks to anthropologists who built fame and fortune on it), but because I have felt more and more crowded and elbowed by purveyors, both earnest and cynical, of what I must opine is quackery, pseudoscience, superstition and cult-ification (frequently dogmatic and/or fundamentalist and/or reified and all-too-often dangerous, potentially harmful to souls and/or bodies).

So, I thought I would take up science and (then) nature blogging. But I kept procrastinating, almost to the point of quitting on these topics too. Procrastination, for me, usually means the task at hand, no matter how worthy, really isn't for me, and I don't want or need to do it all. I frequently scratch these off my to-do lists. But when I persist in trying to motivate myself anyway and succeed occasionally, it usually means that task is a near miss -- almost, but not quite, something I could enthuse over, a situation I might yet tweak to satisfaction.

Then there's the social networking: I'm considering putting blogging on hold altogether and expressing myself much more through my favorite profiles.
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