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Rolling along...

Here's the view from my place--two months ago, one month ago and now--here I am living in a retirement community in a Milwaukee suburb. So I am admitting, finally, I've retired--fully not "semi," like I'd been saying for a while. Really, I retired gradually from most freelancing as the needs of the seniors I've been helping have increased, gradually and steadily. But writing about these self-educational experiences must wait because of agreements I made.

In the meanwhile:

The shamanic circle church has shifted into a "faithful remnant" phase, and the known members have spread far and wide along the webs of life, connecting their shamanizing over the Internet and within our imaginations. My closest shamanic companions circle around where they live, shifting for the better what each values in space, time, matter and energy--not aiming to transcend, not reaching beyond the physical, reveling (and revealing) in the material.

After beginning that mission to study original and innovate new shamanic ways--meaning (as broadly as possible) to investigate any methods, techniques and systems that any shamans anywhere use and/or have ever used, from nowadays back through history and prehistory, to shift reality towards better and best, I shifted into skepticism.

Because: As much fun as I was having at workshops and circles, though waxing ecstatic seeing new possibilities for self-help and amazing ways to do mind-changing, heart-openng, gut-boosting rituals and ceremonies without getting bogged in beliefs or dwellng on dogma, quickly my enthusiasm waned into skepticism with reason. I soon came to doubt the efficacy, and even the harmelessness, of most all non-evidence-based practices I was adventuring so blithely.

So, I began doubting the practices that were benefiting me--because I was experimenting in fun, without believing or seriousness, like a child, while many seemed enthralled and co-opted.

Then I began debunking as a mission, questioning: The effectiveness, and even the harmlessness, of most all Complimentary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs); as well as the helpfulness, versus the harmfulness, of traditional and new religions alike, organized or not (including "spiritual paths" and "spiritualities" and similar euphemisms, circumlocutions and alternative verbiages substituted to avoid the word religion); alongside most all advertised faith- and energy- healing methods; and alongside supposedly occult, so-called magical (using any trendy spellings-with-a-k) reality-changing (or subjugation by willpower) schemes; and including popularized or copyrighted shamanisms.

For me, just attending lots of shamanic workshops, while watching and listening closely, did more debunking of supernatural beliefs, psychic powers, and pseudoscience than reading skeptical and science-based writers.

Throughout and since childhood, I've grown more and more fascinated and impressed by the beneficial world transforming possibilities of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (nowadays called STEM). Lately I've been saying "I'm a STEM optimist!"

Still: Undeniably, I find art-play; new storying; wondering and wonder; purposeful wishing, hoping and dreaming; and everyday jesting for fun-restoration; and more, all health-boosting, serenity-inducing and life-shifting towards better and best--for me, these are beneficial and freeing ways to shamanize, without any need for overlying superstitons, underlying esoteric babble or mystifying scary lore.

My understanding lately: Shamanic ways shift for the better naturally by inspiring and encouraging new patterns and possibilitiies and/or by enhancing and expanding placebo effects intentionally, through active imagining and intense pretending--fun acting out as art-play, shifting inner self first, allowing changes to ripple outward through all directions and dimensions of body, earth and universe--conscious to unconscious and back. It's psyching-up: re-creative (nano- to micro- to macro-) choice (by choice, by choice, by choice...to be and live fun here now) all-spiraling-interconnecting, into immediately obvious to long-hidden ways and means, that is, into physical, material beneficial butterfly effects anywhere and everywhere.

This emerging, never final interpretation is centered around and based upon hope (forward-peering grace), faith (past-scanning grace) and ongoing experience (LIFE in each here now crossroads moment of power, wherever two or three or more gather in fun, to rattle, drum, sing and dance all things new, the greatest grace of all). Art and science interconnect, interact and overlap in such improv, yet purposeful, frolics, then some of the best results only appear supernatural.

Disclaimer: I've written this for me--I'm still sorting many notions out.


While I'm commuting between here and Madison, Wisconsin, words, sentences, even paragraphs brain-wave along for the ride. Why not dictate more frequent blog updates as I drive--about real, interesting topics, instead of why don't I blog more? Or, I could add increments to my "longterm project" book drafts.

Updated late June: Oops--I didn't post this before flying to California's Central Valley and back, helping those folks on their annual summer-early fall visit.

Still seeking a blogging 'home' I like enough to update often

As I've been saying...I can't find a blogging and/or networking service and/or platform I like enough to get and stay active.

Because WP remains vulnerable, I won't revisit hosting my own any day soon. Also, I'm done with "content farms-mills" forever (where freelancers mass-produce necessarily blah SEOd articles on whatever's getting searched)--though I proved to myself I could earn just enough that way, key-tap-dancing a few to several hours a day, anonymously, of course.

Recently I joined Tsu and find it okay. Today I joined Ello and agree it's pretty.


So, I'm finding it okay too, so far. At least posts can be edited and deleted there, unlike at Tsu.

To be continued...

Freelancing and traveling more, writing less

Originally: Squid desperation -- Trying to out-tweak Google will ever-tangle Squidoo's tentacles, I fear...

My Squidoo Profile in March 2013

This year my freelancing shifted away from writing gigs (again), but I did begin to consider returning to active Squidoo-ing because that publisher/platform seemed to be settling down after suffering through a series of periodic spasms reacting to Google algorithm tweaks. After joining and opening a lens, turned away until Squidoo Plus caught my attention and I saw content organizing possibilities -- oblivious to admin's power. Back then, it was fun.


I shifted from writing, unenthusiastic about both anonymous content producing (for easy pennies) and creating under my byline (for harder-earned pennies). None of that (well, very little) so far has been written inside out -- from my insides outward -- and that matters, I have realized.

Squidoo was fun when I found it more than four years ago, and I there I began writing from my soul. But soon I got tangled up in the complicating confusions. Digital Journal and other services I have enthused over for periods are no worse or better, I have found (about the same, with quirky differences).

Now, I might as well continue reviewing my latest Squidoo experiences...

Last month, new (but not improved) auto-crackdown checkers began flagging frantically while nearly daily "reading quests" appeared giving points to lensmasters for reading official explanatory blog posts about the latest cleanup.

So I sighed (again) and put aside notions of renewing my lensing efforts -- finally accepting that Squidoo will likely always flail and fail in desperate efforts to out-tweak Google.

Seventeen of my lenses were flagged as substandard -- almost all of them still showing triumphal-smiley "100% Way to go pal!" badges "awarded" by the site's older lens-progress auto-checker. After deleting several I wasn't fond of anyway, I discovered I could republish without changing anything; I inadvertently pushed "publish" when I couldn't decide and meant to return to fix or delete later, and it happened.

Then, I read that the ability to republish flagged lenses meant the fixes brought them up to acceptable standards, according to Squidoo admin. Afterwards the flags disappeared from my dashboard lens-list.

In the process I updated and corrected here and there, but made no significant changes. Maybe new flags will appear tomorrow...

New Update: I began this post late March, and this early April  morning, more (presumably false-positive) flags appeared on my lens list several other "100% Way to go pal!" complete lenses (all with NO affiliate links and NO spun content and at least five complete modules, not counting the Intro and Guestbook). But republishing (after quick-reviewing confirming completeness) "fixed" all this go-round too. I might as well consider this a service, letting me know which lenses to check and republish first. The system offers a "heads-up" warning week before an un-publishing date.


I have re-reminded myself (for it seems I must, again and again) that there are no dependable, hassle-free content sites where I could find a comfortable freelance writing home ever. And I have cancelled all previously mentioned 2013 Squidoo plans, except keeping the account open with minimal maintenance, just-for-fun.

My attention is shifting back (yet again) to organizing ebook content in the Cloud (with Evernote, Catch, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box) for future self-publication, a few longer-term projects.

The (too many) blogs I opened over the years to organize and publish contemporaneously on diverse topics (each blog for its separate subject or purpose) will remain in holding patterns for now. Blogger and LJ haven't tripped me up, so far, so I see no reason to break more URLs.

My freelancing lately...

It's mostly expenses-covered traveling, mostly around Wisconsin and the Midwest, but further occasionally, doing diverse errands and tasks...gigs I can't write about yet..that I'm finding more fun than writing anyway.

My colleague Tortoise Cat watches over our territory with her humans-allowed clowder that includes a growing number of "Uncle and Aunty Big Ones," nearby neighbors who visit daily or oftener just to keep her happy (I imagine she imagines).

Tortoise-Cat, Snow Melting, Revealing Cat-Grass, March2013
Jester me, Blogger

Squidoo modules failing, causing extra volunteering

Screengrab of ShamanicShift's (this blogger's) Squidoo profile ("credentials") October 30, 2012Writing Squidoo lenses turned into a $5 per month deal (approximately), probably because my favorite topics aren't popular on that website. So when extra hoops popped up (besides the distracting gamification I liked at first then wearied of profoundly), increasing the amount of volunteer work expected of freelancers, I resigned Giant Squid-hood and SquidAngel-ing and left my lenses to fade, except for updating/re-publishing every six months or so.

Publishing lenses anew every at least every several months usually keeps them out of Works-In-Progress status. But lenses rated 90 to 100 percent complete by the feedback graph in the publishing tool will nevertheless still lapse to WIP if they go too long without re-publishing (as determined by the site's algorithmic auto-checker, and other factors come into play too). That is another reason I quit -- I would rather write, finish and leave content stand (unless the information becomes outdated).

But a much more bothersome Squid problem now entangles me, cutting more drastically into my cutting my losses:

Modules I featured on many lenses -- chosen for long-term reliability when I was constructing new lenses every day or so -- have defunct-i-fied anyway, necessitating additional unpaid work logging in and removing the unsightly blanks. Admin stated that discontinued Flickr Modules would simply disappear -- they did not. For over a month I noted persisting blank Flickr Modules on my lenses. So, regretfully and grudgingly, I decided to engage in more unpaid work correcting that because my byline and brand are attached.

Now I see the Twitter Modules I added to make connecting with readers easier have stopped pulling tweets. A while back the Google News and Google Blog modules merged, necessitating the removal of one and the renaming of the other on multiple lenses. What will go down next?

Unfortunately, it turns out (after so much effort for so little return), these lenses are not simply fading gracefully, but also thinning roughly.

Also, ironically perhaps but not-so-weirdly (because Squidoo frequently creates "clubs" certain lenses qualify for suddenly, besides awarding birthday badges), my badge-count and level have gone up since I slacked off participating, even though I lost the Giant Squid and Giant100 badges when I resigned those honors.

Of course, being a Giant Squid or SquidAngel and all those silly badges and levels have next to nothing to do with revenue.

My live and learn takeaways: Always restrain my enthusiasm when dealing with content websites -- any websites, really. And, at all costs, avoid being bedazzled by rah-rah gimmicks, then tricked into (more than a little) volunteering! 
Jester me, Blogger

Miscellaneous freelance musings

Flowers and weeds overgrow the church garden in the 900 block of East Knapp Street, Milwaukee, WI. (Photo: by ECP, a.k.a. Shamanic-Shift on Flickr.com)


LiveJournal: Why am I here? LJ must be one of the worst hosts for a freelancing writing and odd-jobbing weblog! I might discontinue and abandon this one, because the only reason I can think of why it's here is: This is a lifetime paid account, something I did before I knew better.

Here it is forbidden / impossible to run ads for carefully chosen affiliates to match reviews. All I can manage besides the in-house Adsense set-up is linking to Amazon from the sidebar. Content and sales go together on the best freelance writing websites I find (and list on this sidebar). 

Squidoo again: A serious drawback at Squidoo, for me, is having to update / republish lenses once a month or more for them rank in the paying tiers. I surmise Squidoo works best for content producers who create only there and open new lenses often.

But Squidoo HQ tweaks and re-tweaks the platform and rules, forcing loads of extra work on its best Squids regularly.  

Demand Media Studios: I'm still at the beginning stages of troubleshooting the editorial process and developing proficiency with the eHow format (a fill-in-the-blanks template). If I ever get comfortable there I could earn oodles.

Occasional reading on eHow convinces me DMS intends to publish useful, quality content there and on all its sites, beyond content farming for ad-revenue harvesting. Google appears to be recognizing the slightly better quality articles DMS stamps out (it seems more like a factory than a farm to me) because the algorithm updated named Panda failed to bite the site.

DMS has already started hiring their freelancers who stick it out a while (and produce hundreds of ordinary assignments successfully) to write much better paying features.  

The Content Authority: TCA is a favorite I'm counting on. It pays less than DMS -- with far less hassle and much better support. Writing rapidly about key words anonymously is the program here. (TextBroker may be similarly great, but I haven't gotten around to writing there yet.)

Examiner: There will soon be a tiered pay-scale, according to the site's news, with performance pay scaled to it, with the minimum payout dropped to only $1 (and no more local incentive dollars).

After last and this years updates, the front page still is dismal to look at, IMO -- sparse-looking, like it failed to load properly. Every visit I find myself asking same question, "Where's the news?" This site has only scratched the surface of its potential and possibilities and I keep hanging in there, gradually picking up my pace..  

Digital Journal: I resumed writing for DJ after a feature for claiming assignments and getting extra pay for completing them launched early in May. It wasn't the extra pay that drew me back, but the ability to claim stories with definite deadlines.

DJ is a great news site - usually stuffed with engaging reads and a special section for original, exclusive reporting.

Performance pay only counts for the latest 2 months of articles, with the "money-pot" getting divided among digital journalists by rank. So the pay-scheme is unique, weird and mysterious. A running earnings guesstimate shows at the top of the page when I login, rising or falling every two hours, as numbers of articles and their performances shift. 

I still cannot get excited about this site, though it looks better to me than Squidoo lately.


This location, in an office building on a busy city corner, has presented more security and safety challenges. The property management making an effort, but a few of the business-owners renting here seem to be lapsing into carelessness more often.  

I am considering many options for a move when this lease ends on October 31.

The church garden a block west is unkempt because this year the gardener is working at a factory full-time, because he was promoted. Imagining the perennials and weeds competing for fun, I watch the situation run rampant without intervening.

The Tortoise Cat sniffs the flowers and gnashes the grasses and does not grok the concept "weeds" -- or care.

When it comes shifting territories in October, I expect she will disapprove -- vehemently. 
Jester me, Blogger

Content farms? Maybe some are factories -- or gardens!

Turret lathe operator machining parts for tran...

Image via Wikipedia

Why call an enterprise one means to disparage a farm rather than a factory? Farms and factories produce necessities, so neither word carries pejorative connotations for me. A mill grinds grist, so even that sounds potentially helpful.

Because I earn my living producing written content as a freelancer, I choose to chalk it all up as freelance writing. Landing a job as a print media journalist is an old goal I rarely revisit, even during reflective moments. 

Still, I feel discouraged when: I come across a string of articles lumping together and dismissing under the label "content farm" many of the websites that pay me steadily. 
Also I feel bummed-out when so-so, sloppy or lousy writing gets published on those pages alongside my work, because I do my best to follow editorial guidelines and often add an original spin. Perusing Examiner.com, the citizen journalist site aiming to become everyone's favorite source for hyper-local news, reviews and information, I still cringe at style errors and other quality lapses I cannot get myself to overlook in otherwise useful, interesting articles.
But, I must quit wasting precious moments and energy mulling and moping over discouraging words and trends!

The earning potential at Examiner.com is growing steadily. Furthermore, I understand and enthuse over this company's mission, model and methods, blogged recently in detail.
As for Demand Media Studios (DMS), the place most often dismissed disdainfully under the content farm label: DMS offers chances at "real gigs" (as well as lucrative contests and generous grants) to writers who can produce a steady supply (or crop) of eHow blurbs up to their exacting standards -- or insane ones, depending upon the copy editor assigned randomly -- for $7.50 to $15 each for several months running. With DMS's templates and instructions, this is a fill-in-the-blanks task.
Citing acceptable references is the trickiest step, where I trip up (or give up) most often. Keeping up with frequent changes in procedures and policies is the second biggest challenge for me. When I visit the DMS forum to read the latest, I find myself drawn into the rants, complaints and horror stories also. The third is finding doable titles to claim quickly enough to make it worthwhile, because these are auto-generated and listed under the wrong headings, and many are simply absurd.
Nevertheless, I am amid switching almost all my Squidoo-ing energy over to Examiner and DMS (where I write under a pseudonym because I give up all rights to and control over the articles, yet they link back to my DMS profile). 

Last year I freelance gardened, also. I prefer smaller-scale images of me pacing myself and relaxing while working...planning, planting, and nurturing...then weeding and pruning...and appreciating...and cleaning up. Earning slightly less gardening than I have over the years on some much harder odd-jobs seemed like getting paid to have fun.
Earning many smaller amounts from writing the best titles -- with fun or education potential -- on carefully chosen content sites isn't such a blast for me yet. But it does seem like getting paid to avoiding overhead expenses and hassles: cold calling, selling, advertising, conferences, travel, unlimited revising, billing and collecting.

Plus: I learn wondrous facts and figures from researching, though this must be done quickly to keep the process worthwhile.  
Related spins:

Demand Media is still thriving post-Panda (by Freakonomics.com)...Content farms are not competing with or hurting journalism (by BusinessInsider.com)...Post-Panda SEO creates lucky losers (by SearchEnginePeople.com)...A laid-off journalist spends a week in Demand (in Columbia Journalism Review).
Jester me, Blogger

Reconsidering Bukisa after the site's revamp, revenue changes

This is one of the huge welcoming signs for Go...

Image via Wikipedia

 I signed on at Bukisa last year, but experienced many glitches even setting up my profile and decided to put-off contributing.

Today I received an email announcing the site's total overhaul and impending switch to the Google AdSence API for payments. When the changeover is complete in about a month, writers will earn 60% of the Adsense revenue from their content, through their own Google accounts.

The website appears transformed and more functional now. Published content lists were not showing on profiles or in RSS earlier today, but this is due to a soon-to-be-fixed glitch in the latest version, I learned by exchanging tweets

I encountered no difficulty integrating my Google Adsense account.

The site's blog explains the reason for abandoning the original Bukisa index payment scheme.

Certainly this venture is worth another look as a revenue share gig.

The new How-To template might provide a hassle-free eHow alternative and draw me in for that type of article, especially when a fully-loaded Squidoo lens seems too much.

Researching for this post, I noted Bukisa articles about Medicare changes, physical changes from old age and Ayers' Rock color changes showing at the top of Google's results for "Bukisa changes" -- meaning the site's content must be getting significant search engine attention. 
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Jester me, Blogger

October shifts: Picturesque Messes and Freelance Clean-Up

 Autumn Mess: Green & yellow leaves, purple Asters and a basketball in October in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53202

So what is the freelancing business plan now? It's almost all writing gigs these days. I have let gardening and other odd jobs go indefinitely, to focus on freelance writing.

My mess of tasks is clearing and the ball is rolling.

Shamanic Shift Center is still active, of course. But I'm not drumming for business, practicing almost as a solitary at the edges and fringes of many neighborhoods.  

I am shifting into content production hyper-drive. For upfront payments, I'm revving up my activity at TheContentAuthority (TCA) and claiming an occasional assignment at Demand Media Studios (DMS).  

TCA has a simple setup and its administrators are easily accessible and unusually helpful. DMS keeps adding features and perks, and I have no complaints, but searching for appropriate, hassle-free titles gets tricky and time consuming there. I am humbled by the information that many write 20 to 200 or more DMS articles a month .

For performance pay, Suite101 and Examiner are my next priority. 

I will continued to update this blog, the shamanic blog, the Tortoise Cat's blog and Twitter, and ShamanicShift's FB and Twitter as often as possible.

Squidoo lenses are my research file system that I update as I browse, so I shall keep expanding my lens collection.

Also, I am considering writing the shamanic ebook in lenses.

On hold, just in case: Digital Journal and Hub Pages.

Let go permanently: Science 2.0 -- I like that website and the members, and I held high hopes for the Freelance Wondering blog for a while. But, it doesn't pay enough for me to be able to afford to do it justice.

The Tortoise Cat is tugging me outside more than ever for neighborhood strolls and photo sessions.

Tortoise Cat on a sandstone ledge next to a burning bush under autumn leaves and blue sky on the east side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53202 
Jester me, Blogger

Can I phase out 'content production' online?

General Mitchell International Airport (GMIA)

Image by Shamanic Shift via Flickr

Again, I am changing my online freelance writing strategy, phasing out almost all participation in "content sites" that share ad-revenue with writers.

Final Update 8/2012: I've quit Examiner and ScientificBlogging (that changed its name to Science 2.0); I barely participate at Squidoo (with 159 lenses) and my participation on Digital Journal has lapsed to infrequent. I'm giving Xomba, Infobarrel and HubPages another look, while producing web content mostly anonymously, continuing an offline long-term editing gig and odd-jobbing.
Updated 7/6: Phasing out is changing (slightly) back to narrowing down. I have updated this post in several places, as indicated.

I have known all along that even the content websites I like are structured to take advantage of freelance writers, because their existence depends upon willing writing hoards producing steady streams of content for negligible payments. But now, I realize I am no longer seeing enough of "what's in it for me" for any many of these deals to be worth my time and effort (for the sake of collecting an online portfolio and finding a few extra bucks per month in my PayPal account).

I have been writing occasionally for several of those services to compile collections of different types of writing online (under my own name instead of ghost-posts) for future showcasing to prospective clients. But this collection shows, also, how often I am willing to sell myself short, because everyone knows the deal. Oops.

Here are the few favorites, still hanging in the balance:
  • DigitalJournal.com (DJ) is a full news source, not just a content (for the sake of content) site, and asks for professional and original investigative journalism and recently upgraded and complicated its style guide, though the site can't pay more than a few bucks per article. A while ago editing was opened up to all members. Then, I realized I was taking way too long on each article, as though I were writing for someone paying real-job money. 

  • Examiner.com (a.k.a. Examiner), another online news source, wants the same but doesn't enforce its standards or style guidelines and lacks the personal touch and community feel of DJ. The payment system is completely different, though just as complicated, and comes out about the same per article for me. At least I can find and correct my own mistakes on Examiner after reading through my published article, then move on. 

  • ScientificBlogging.com (SB) is fun, pays a tiny amount per page-view but in IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers, SB's publishing tool (the "red monster") adds extra lines that must be removed one at a time (and not because I copy/paste my entry from a word processor), then lets me see but not edit a plain text+html version (so I cannot simply remove the extra line-breaks) and has locked me out of editing certain posts further, just for submitting edits while it was still doing its thing (a known unfixed or un-fixable glitch).

  • Squidoo is easy, fun and useful for organizing resources by topic (for me). Usually, over 50 of my 75 lenses earn $0/month, because they don't rank higher than 85,000 overall. Squidoo changes its tools and discontinues "modules" suddenly and some just stop working (for various reasons, often not Squidoo's doing). The platform must not be set-up for effective search engine optimization, because I rarely see Squidoo lenses on the first or second page of any search results. Complete lenses with a minimum number of modules are "featured" by Squidoo (allowed to show up in searches of the site) usually, but "lensemasters" must promote their own lenses beyond that. Affiliate sales through lenses about specific very popular products can earn the most, occasionally significant amounts. I can build a complete lens in five to ten minutes. Some lensmasters charge (more or less) for building lenses for others.    

I use my Squidoo lenses for unedited brainstorming and topical reference/news centers and may open more, for fun (and procrastination). 

SB is on hold until a payment issue is solved.  Updated 6/22: The payment has been received, sent on 6/20 but not showing until late morning 6/22 (due to a PayPal weirdness, perhaps). Updated 7/4: SB blocked all bloggers, including me, due to an onslaught of pseudoscience and spam (by new accounts) and I was considering starting Freelance Wondering over again. But it turns out I was blocked by mistake and my access is back. Now all SB newcomers must past muster as members (by commenting on blogs and articles) before being promoted to blogger. Also, SB might change its name to its current motto, "Science 2.0" soon.

My topic on Examiner is unpopular and difficult for me to find original, local news about these days because I it is difficult for me to set aside the hours to visit General Mitchell International Airport very often anymore. I won't be able to get a second topic unless I start "examining" the Milwaukee Airlines/Airport more frequently. I might boost my efforts soon — or just give up. Updated 7/4: I have decided to keep examining a while longer because it is easy to post there quickly and I do like the topic. 

About DJ, I have no complaints. But I cannot afford to spend the necessary time and effort for a few bucks, producing content up to their more and more exacting standards. So I have backed away. Updated 7/4: I was considering posting a "Milwaukee News Buzz" or "Top Finds" article regularly, one to five times a week, with links to read more. But links cannot be made to open in a new tab or window on DJ so such contributions would be setting DJ back by sending readers away. 

I am considering blogging local news from press-releases, media reports and in-person experiences, and my take on non-local news that draws my attention from press releases on a (yes, just one more) new weblog, or maybe through this site (changing its purpose, yet again), with World, National, Sci-Tech, Green, Photojournalism, Outdoors and Travel/Transportation as categories. 

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